Troy is as old as the stories in the Sacred Book…Historical Ilion or “Wilusa” city, as called by the Hittites, located in Hisarlık region of Canakkale and founded thousands years ago has served as basis for many ancient myth… for one of the oldest and most known stories of the history of humankind, where the dreams and truth, science and utopia mixed into each other… The one who put the last point on this curiosity, investigation and travels, containing a history of three thousand years, and get Troy out to the stage of history again and made the myth a real history was the German archeologist Heinrich Schliemann. The treasures of humankind, which was found manually by sheltering under the mysterious voices of rumors and taken out of the country with great adventures were also turned into one of the basis of contemporary archeology. What Schliemann has taught us is that : “The voice coming out of the ruins is the voice of our own history”. The ones who do not hear the voices of the history can not hear the voice of future. Fire of Anatolia Dance Group is giving life to myth of Troy.Don’t miss out on this spectacular show in Sofia on October 21st and Varna on October 23rd!.