The instrumental show Bel Suono (in Italian – «beautiful sound») consists of three professional pianists graduated from the best musical universities of Russia, winners of the All-Russia and international music contests. The trio of charismatic musicians not only masterly play the grand piano, but also have excellent skills of composition and improvisation.Bel Suono is a new word in the world of music!Bel Suono is the original mix of modern technologies with the best forms of the classical and modern musical culture, new interpretation of the well-known music pieces and execution of the original music pieces composed specially for the project.Combination of impudent youth, nobility of grand pianos sounding, modern arrangements and incredibly sensual light on the stage – this is a brief description of PianoMagicShow - Bel Suono!Bel Suono is the only project in the world performing this music format. This is a high quality artistic product with the modern visual component.Three incredibly artistic, virtuosic and really beautiful young pianists perform absolutely different music - from very popular to absolutely new, created for the project.ЗDuring the last four years two successful albums “Megapolis” and “Upgrade” were released. They include both the classics masterpieces interpreted by Bel Suono and the authors’ original compositions.Bel Suono successfully performs all over the country and abroad in Germany, Monaco, Malta, Bulgaria etc. The concerts in China, the USA, Italy and Germany are coming.