Most of the members of the "Georgian Voices" showed interest in the complex old Georgian folk songs at an early age. But they did not get together and put on serious performances till spring, 1986 when the singers making up the nucleus of the Georgian voices met. Since most of the singers were working at the time at Georgian State Television they were known for some time as the "Journalists", The Company has been performing as the "Georgian Voices" since 1991, the year the company drew attention of the critics, and launched on frequent tours abroad. The "Georgian Voices" have successfully toured all over the world. They live in Tbilisi the capital city of Georgia, and are captives of the musical genius of their people- They sing Georgian traditional songs brought to perfection by centuries of singing, which for their antiquity and polyphony are recognized as some of the best in the world. The "Georgian Voices" too, have been acclaimed as some of the best voices in the world, for this company has its own, distinctive manner of singing which does not prevent it from rendering with maximum centuries. The singers can fathom and bring to the listener the unique flavor and all the subtle distinction of these songs.